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Physicians are in a position to accumulate significant wealth. After all, you’ve made major investments of both effort and money in your education and training, and those investments should be rewarded. But there are also challenges to be faced in the accumulation of wealth. As a CAPS+ member, you will have the advantage of a wide range of services to overcome those challenges and prosper.

Wealth Management

Planning from an overall perspective of wealth management is often overlooked by individuals of significant net financial worth. Yet as you accumulate more wealth, your needs become more complex. There are more opportunities open to you, but the pitfalls become more complex at the same time. As a member of CAPS+, you will benefit from having access to the professionals at PA Financial whom will conduct a thorough analysis of your overall investment portfolio(s) and will provide recommendations to help achieve optimum wealth management. They will pay close attention to asset allocation, making sure your investments are positioned to meet your goals. For example, the assets of a younger person should be allocated differently than those of an older person, and they take the stage of your career into account when planning your wealth-management strategies. They will also make sure the individual components of your plan work together to maximize wealth and minimize risk. They will also make recommendations on diversifying your investments for tax-control issues. And by examining your cash flow, they may even discover funds that could be used more productively in investments or other uses.

Tax and Estate Planning

Tax and estate planning is an invaluable part of any physician’s asset preservation strategy. The professionals at PA Financial will examine every aspect of your estate plan to assure it is well positioned not just for growth but also for minimizing estate taxes, probate costs and other financial and tax-related issues as your wealth is passed on to your heirs.

Proper estate planning should also work hand-in-hand with other financial-planning measures. And it should take into account your total property, both real and personal. The goal is to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries and to reduce federal and state taxes whenever possible.

A properly designed estate plan will not remain static, but will change over time as your circumstances change. Your PA Financial Advisor will plan appropriately, as they consider such strategies as educational savings plans, wills, trusts, charitable giving, tax planning and real-estate investment strategies. Of course, your estate plan will be carefully coordinated with every other element of your comprehensive CAPS+ program.

Practice-Succession Planning

The final stage of your active career is no time to start planning for your transition to retirement. No matter how close—or how far—you are from that day, it is never too early to look ahead to that time and plan for it. This can save you from making costly, last-minute mistakes and from experiencing untold headaches as you pass your practice along to your successor.

Your PA Financial Consultant will examine a variety of solutions and start funding them as early as possible to gain maximum advantage. This way, when you reach retirement and pass the practice on to another partner, both parties can achieve their goals and experience a smooth, mutually agreed-upon succession. Our legal professionals will make sure the plan meets all requirements—legal, personal and professional. They will also institute plans in the event of the death of one partner. Putting buy-sell agreements and loss-of-key-man plans into effect in advance can be true life-savers in these instances.

Retirement Planning

It is almost certain that as a practicing physician, you already have some kind of retirement plan in place. When you become a member of CAPS+, your PA Financial Consultant will examine and analyze your plan as well as make recommendations for new opportunities. They will explore where you have been, where you are and where you are going. And we will recommend appropriate investment mixes and retirement-funding strategies that are most appropriate to every stage of your career, from start-up through retirement. They will work to reduce the eroding effects of taxes and inflation while trying to optimize your plan for long-term investment returns.

Just a few of the strategies they may consider are traditional, Roth and self-directed IRAs; 401 (k) plans; non-qualified deferred compensation; and key-person/executive benefits. Perhaps even more important, they will design your plan in the context of your overall financial situation to make the most of your opportunities, no matter how far or near your retirement may be.

Insurance Analysis and Planning

The professionals at PA Financial understand that the insurance needs of physicians go beyond medical malpractice insurance. Both your professional and personal lives need the protection of proper insurance protection. Employing sound principals of risk management, they thoroughly analyze your overall “exposure” and review your current coverage. Then they examine your alternatives and offer recommendations to minimize risk, reduce premiums and provide more benefits. All of the following are offered by PA Financial:

  • Annuities
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term-care insurance
  • Alternative long-term-care
  • Disability insurance
  • Disability income
  • Overhead expenses
  • Disability buyout
  • Life settlements
  • Critical-illness coverage