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While Physicians Advantage does not directly facilitate legal services, we will provide access to our team of professionals who can facilitate the following services on a stand-alone basis:

Domestic and Estate Planning
Fairbanks & McGillin, P.L.

The most effective way to employ a sound asset protection plan is to erect multiple tiers, or barriers, of protection to thwart the efforts of creditors. The goal is not to “hide” your assets or render yourself “collection-proof” but to make collection efforts as burdensome and as expensive as possible. Your CAPS+ team will utilize all appropriate domestic-planning opportunities available under law. Techniques may include retirement and other qualified plans, annuities, Section 529 plans, tenancy-by-the-entirety properties, and the creation of limited partnerships or limited-liability corporations. When you become a CAPS+ member, the domestic-planning portion of your program will be carried out by legal experts with deep experience in the intricacies and implications of all planning strategies.

Within this first step, Physicians Advantage will also examine the structure of the CAPS+ members estate.  Proper estate planning should work hand-in-hand with the other asset protection measures implemented domestically. When reffering to ones estate, this includes the total property, real and personal, owned by an individual prior to distribution. Proper estate planning distributes the real and personal property to an individual's heirs in anticipation of death to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries and to reduce federal and state tax whenever possible.  Wills and trusts are commonly utilized to help the CAPS+ members dispose of their wealth. Other tools may also be necessary such as inter vivos gifts in order to minimize taxation in certain cases.  All of these estate planning approaches will be reviewed in conjunction with the domestic asset protection measures and a plan will be implemented to ensure the highest level of protection while considering ones estate at the same time.

Accessing a Network of Medical Malpractice Defense Attorneys

If you are practicing with medical malpractice insurance, your carrier generally has the right to determine who your defense attorney would be in a medical malpractice lawsuit. As described above, the attorneys at Rissman Barrett will be at your side if you ever receive a Notice of Intent and will assure that you contact your carrier immediately to take advantage of this representation. But the scenario is different for those without insurance or if your carrier advises you to obtain separate counsel because of a possible claim in excess of your coverage. In these situations, Rissman, Barrett, Hurt, Donahue & McLain, P.A. will help you choose a well-qualified defense attorney within the CAPS+ program’s network of defense attorneys who provides legal services at substantially reduced rates.

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