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When you enroll in one of Physicians Advantage's alternative programs, you will have immediate access to the Physicians Advantage team of professionals. Each member will be assigned a personal Advisor as well as a Coordinator. These professionals are experienced planners and case managers who will act as your personal liaisons through the planning and implementation process.

Once Physicians Advantage receives your enrollment form, we will immediately send you a personal enrollemnt package. This includes a complete reference guide to the program you have chosen as well as a Fact-Finder. Your first step in the planning process is completing this Fact-Finder. This document provides a starting point for the whole planning process, and your Advisor and Coordinator will help you complete this document in a timely manner. Once Physicians Advantage receives the completed Fact-Finder, your Advisor will personally review the document with you to ensure accuracy and to confirm all of your planning goals.

The next step will be for the Advisor to review the document with our entire team of legal and financial professionals. With that information in hand, our team of professionals will start putting together integrated recommendation on how to plan for ultimate asset preservation and accumulation.

Once our team’s recommendations are complete, the Coordinator will schedule a series of meetings to review the various recommendations with you and provide answers to any questions you may have. Once you have reviewed the recommendations and are comfortable with the proposed course of action, the plan will be implemented by the Physicians Advantage team.

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