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CAPS+ Seminars are given regularly throughout the state to specialty societies, county medical societies and physician practice groups. A wealth of information is offered that can actually be used to help safeguard your future, including:

Asset Preservation and Estate Planning Legal Strategies
An experienced asset preservation and estate planning attorney will discuss the strategies available to physicians to safeguard personal and practice assets and to reduce taxes. Topics of discussion include statutory exemptions, planning with business entities, and the use of trusts and other structures to protect assets and achieve financial goals.

Protecting and Leveraging Accounts Receivable
The largest asset of a medical practice is usually its accounts receivable. Multiple strategies will be discussed on how best to protect valuable and vulnerable asset.

Pension / Profit-Sharing Compliance
Pension and profit-sharing plans are asset protected so long as they are operated in compliance with various rules and regulations. A pension expert will discuss how to achieve the best results for your plan while also conforming with these constantly evolving issues of compliance..

Wealth Planning Strategies
Our financial advisors will discuss a range of advanced wealth planning strategies applicable to physicians, including practice succession planning, retirement-income planning, tax planning and risk financing strategies.

Medical Malpractice Litigation and Defense
Experienced medical malpractice attorneys will discuss recent case law,
legislative changes and best practices in responding to and defending medical malpractice lawsuits.

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